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    Meulin loves ships, even more than Nepeta. She''s a sucker for romance and she just wants everyone to be happy. A Mage creates, we''ve established that from what we know so far. Meulin has shown that she wants everyone to be happy, and was even able to

  • Rotten banquet

    Meulin Leijon/??? of Heart Misc notes Mituna still has a death obsession.??? Zahhak is considered to be rude, at least by Kankri. Kankri has vowed celibacy, but has a crush on Latula. Hussie follows you if you have the Horse Pretzel. Meenah dropped a potion

  • A godtier analysis blog late to the game

    Our only examples of Mages being Sollux and Meulin, sadly both of their characters being not too greatly defined much like their class. Although, looking at other classes like Seer, the passive counterpart, or Heir, the inverse of Mage, you can have some insight into the potential abilities or traits of a Mage, and in turn, a Mage of Time.

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    Tumblr is a place to express yourself, discover yourself, and bond over the stuff you love. It''s where your interests connect you with your people. Kenzie Jones

  • God Tiers Are Fun

    Of course I can! :3 You''re very welcome! Knight is an active class that exploits their aspect using their aspect to protect others, their passive counterpart would be the Page. Knights are notorious for putting on facade''s, its like their armor you could say. Take our ...

  • √ Heinoustuck Nepeta

    Did you know that Meulin and Nepeta have different punning habits. See more ideas about Homestuck Cosplay tutorial Cosplay diy. Snowthesaltqueen On Tumblr In 2020 Nepeta Cosplay Cosplay Tumblr Cosplay Blood gore nepeta leijon karkat vantas sollux captor

  • It''s Not a Shipping Grid (the long version)

     · It''s Not a Shipping Grid (the long version) okay, from the top: There are 21 confirmed Matespritships (and human relationships) in Homestuck. They are: Rose and Kanaya. Dave and Terezi (GO Timeline) Jade and Davesprite (GO Timeline) Sollux and Feferi. Tavros and (Vriska)

  • A blog for all homestuck kins!

    A blog for all homestuck kins! Every kin deserves love!! 💕 ️. 3 mods! ️Mod meulin, mod roxy and mod karkat ⬅️. what we can do: 👇👉. playlists, aesthetics, pendulums, positivity and cannon calls, art and sprite/panel edits!!! Status: OPEN!!!

  • God Tiers Are Fun

    Sylph of Heart So I decided to just start analyzing god tiers to get myself started on something and get a little popularity so that people know about this. So keep reading to learn more about the Sylph of Heart! So Sylphs are a passive class and their one of the two ...

  • boards reden

     · Fair point, this is Kate Mitchell we''re talking about. Cr33per Nepeta is a mother to a little pink monkey named John Jr., and her Meowrail has moved in with her to help raise the youngling full-time. Eh, the argument for our blessing of hindsight could be made. But even in the context of the time there were mistakes.

  • /cgl/

    Looking at his tumblr, Elaroh screams fakeboi to me. He has that little gif of different cosplays he''s done, and a lot of them are . I''m not saying guys can''t cosplay chicks, but dyphoria is fucking hard to deal with, and dressing up as a will get you misgendered and make things worse in your head.

  • Session #3 Quadrants

     · Session #3 Quadrants. Man, quadrants are hard (0 _ 0) Classpects are really good personality markers, but they still leave up quite some deviation. Anywhooo, I''ll do quadrants as if they are a perfect embodiment of their classpect. Plus, I''m a Prince of Rage… not exactly meant for this kind of stuff. (0 _ 0)

  • Θstuck

    Tagged: idk have some kawaii trolls, working on older asks, Porrim, Cronus, Kankri, Rufioh, poor cro gettin all embarassed about his flush crush, croxy, . ((I had intended this to be comprehensive, ancestors, dancestors, and alpha kids included, but this was already ちょっと ridiculous to do, so if anyone has any specific shipping questions about the other groups, just …

  • What''s with SJWs and Homestuck? : TumblrInAction

    MrCheeze. · 8y ♋. Homestuck is 1) completely awesome and therefore popular, and 2) stupidly long, so that only the batshit insane have enough time to read it anymore. I really don''t think there''s more to it than that. 3. level 1. I_am_the_horker. · 8y. I don''t know what home stuck is.

  • MxRP

     · [url=https://s14.postimg /qa5yuhopt/eye_be_ballin.png]ELY[/url][url=https://linustechtips /main/uploads/monthly_2016_02/56c48950985d8_https3A2F2F38.media.tumblr ...

  • Appleheart922250

    I roleplay as Meulin Leijon on advvicestuck.tumblr , I am a Derse dreaming Mage of Doom, and am currently in love with Homestuck if you couldn''t …

  • The Pudgy Purredator

    The Pudgy Purredator. The Pudgy Purredator. Hello! This is a nsfw chubstuck nepeta rp blog that will mainly be centered on stuffing and other belly hijinks ;3. Nepeta will eat pretty much any food you put in front of her and is even known to eat unedible things from time to time, so really the skies the limit of what to send!


    Around those he values to an extent, (i.e. Mituna and Meulin) he calmly shows normal feelings, and mostly jokes about. To anyone otherwise, he will just try to keep himself isolated from people who probably would rise against him if they were to entirely find out what he was truly capable of, using silence, creepy notions, and simple ignorance.

  • God Tiers Are Fun

    Examples of this are Nepeta and her unrequited crush on Karkat, Meulin and her eventual separation with Kurloz, Dirk and Jake and their complete failure of a relationship. Although Heart players are great pale material so your quadrants aren''t a complete fail!

  • danny — hs lineup raargh! (part one)

     · hs lineup raargh! (part one) See more posts like this on Tumblr #kankri vantas #damara megido #rufioh nitram #mituna captor #meulin leijon #porrim maryam #latula pyrope #aranea serket #horuss zahhak #kurloz makara #cronus ampora #meenah peixes #my art #the sufferer #the signless

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    Write a short update about your life here! Keep it short and sweet if you want to add more items under your Currently section.

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    ask–the-homestucks: KANKRI: I feel that there is an issue that needs to 6e adressed here. I h9nestly 6elieve it is rather imp9rtant. I d9 n9t understand why, am9ng all 9f us (and 6y that I mean all five 9f us), Mrs.Serket gets t9 6e the side 6ar image 9n this little 6l9g.

  • #pupcatgender on Tumblr

    See a recent post on Tumblr from @mogai-headcanons about pupcatgender. Discover more posts about pupcatgender. Cherry from Animal Crossing is an emocoric pupcatgender transmasculine dog who uses she/her, kit/kits, it/its, pup/pups, mew/mews, night ...

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